Eddie Jason & Chris Podcast #59

It’s a FULL HOUSE on EJC, all offenders are present, it usually goes gay or poop, getting sick of people talking about Obama’s birth certificate, Potty Mouth Jacob calls up and yells at Jason, Indiana Jones and the Search for the Lost EJC Podcasts: The Worst Movie Ever, Sorry for being behind on podcasts, we’ll catch up this month, Jason talks about his presidential run, and more!!

Mentioned on this Episode

Woman Threatens Obama on Facebook
Jason eats at IHOP
How to Run For President

FYI Presidents with Facial Hair:

Martin Van Buren – large mutton-chops
Abraham Lincoln – beard
Ulysses Grant – beard and mustache
Rutherford Hayes – beard and mustache
James Garfield – beard and mustache
Chester Arthur – mustache and sideburns
Grover Cleveland – mustache
Benjamin Harrison – beard and mustache
Theodore Roosevelt – mustache
William Taft – mustache

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