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#291: One Flew West (End of EJC 2 of3)

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On the second to last episode of  Eddie Jason & Chris, psychic Kellie joins the show to reveal what the future has in store for EJC, a trip down memory lane featuring the best of Jason, and rising band One Flew West joins the show.

Formed in the small town of Longmont, Colorado, One Flew West have quickly developed from a high school garage band into a full-scale rock machine. Now based in Denver, the four-piece are quickly spreading that reputation nationwide, with their unique blend of folk, pop and punk . Their record Trial & Error is set for release on January 26th.

Plus, classic EJC clips, Jason’s best moments and reminiscing EJC’s best prank calls.

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#290: Sin Shake Sin (End of EJC 1.5 of 3)

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On the second and a half to last episode of  Eddie Jason & Chris, an interview with the multi-taleted Stacy Hogan of Sin Shake Sin.

Stacy Hogan has just written multiple songs with Starset, he wrote a song with Brian Head Welch from Korn,  and tons more. In addition, Hogan has written rock songs which have recently been featured by NBC, CBS, FOX and more.  And now, he’s here and ready to blast your eardrums with Sin Shake Sin.

Also, Eddie and Jason are ditched by Chris, a pre-phsyic reading, and more.

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#270: Microwave, ’68, You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown

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For episode 270, Eddie Jason & Chris pack in about 300 segments, including interviews with Microwave (idobi Warped Radio Pre-Interview), Josh Scogins of ’68 and Portugal Invasion artist You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown.

First up, Afonso Cabral of Portugal’s You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown. The band is from Lisbon and is currently promoting their third album, Marrow, released by Sony Music Portugal. Listen in as Cabral Skypes in with EJC.

Next, Josh Scogin of ’68–an American rock duo consisting of Scogin (vox/guitar) and Michael McClellan (drums). With this project, Scogin (who is better known for his work with Norma Jean and The Chariot) is trying to cross even more boundaries than he did with his previous bands by binding genres all across the board including art punk, garage rock, post-hardcore, jazz, and more.

And finally, as part of idobi Warped Radio pre-interview coverage, Nate Hardy of Microwave. Atlanta four-piece Microwave balances frankness with a penchant for wit, allowing personal confessions to make a striking impact. Owning the best of the punk continuum, lead vocalist Hardy will sing, scream and yelp amidst snarling guitar work. 

Also, David from Australia falls in his septic tank, Kathy Griffin raises ire for holding up a fake severed head of Donald Trump, a US civil war could be brewing, Eddie champions for Wonder Woman and more.

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EJC #252: Johnny Houser (Vallisca Axe Murders)

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It’s another EJC featuring Samantha Scarlette and her guest, Johnny Houser, an expert of the Vallisca Axe Murders.

The show kicks off with the latest headlines as Chris struggles though reading the news (as always). This annoys Eddie and he accuses Chris of not knowing how to read the news. The hostility escalates as Jason decides to air out his political grievances and attacks Eddie as he does so.

Then, the guys and Sammi Scarlette welcome Johnny Houser! He’s an expert in ghosts, UFO’s, and is a tour guide of the home where the gruesome Vallisca Axe Murders occurred in 1912. Catch one of his many TV appearances including Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Dead Files, Mysteries and monsters in America, Ghost Stories and more. 

Plus, Donald Trump does something horrible, to no one’s surprise, a Chris soundboard pizza shop prank, EJC rates music submissions via RevebNation, David from Australia and more.

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EJC #236: Hawthrone Heights, Hidden in Plain View

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Get a tad nostalgic, like it’s not being overdone or anything, with a couple bands that set the scene in the early 2000s–and are still kicking ass today. On this new episode of EJC, the guys welcome idobi staples Hawthrone Heights and Hidden in Plain View. Both acts are playing at this year’s Pinelands Music Festival, get your tickets here.

As the show fires up, Chris accuses Jason of being a walking stereotype as he wears his gender neutral flower patterned sunglasses. This somehow transitions into a new prank call featuring Jason trying to break his apartment lease by purchasing bed bug infested furniture from Craig’s List.

Then, the guys are joined by Joe Reo, the awesome singer of New Jersey’s Hidden in Plain View. The band broke up in 2007 and reformed a couple years ago. As the conversation unfolds, Reo remembers how the 2014 HIPV reunion show sparked the band’s comeback and how they fit into the new wave of nostalgia. EJC wonder what Reo was doing during the band’s hiatus. Find out what he went back to school for!

Next up, the new Eddie Jason & Chris paranormal correspondent Samantha Scarlette joins the show to talk about how she became interested in all things unexplained. She’ll be joining EJC all Haloween month long, and each time Scarlette will bring along a special guest. This week, a tarot card reader named Tamar! Listen in as the guys get their futures read by the way of the cards.

Finally, JT Woodruff, singer of Dayton, Ohio’s very best, Hawthrone Heights joins the show. His band is currently on tour celebrating the 10th anniversary of their second album, If Only You Were. Woodruff and EJC chat about how the band has always been very DIY, accents and singing voices, how influential the band has been and pop-punk resurgence.

Plus, Chris accuses Eddie of pre-murder, Super-Fan David from Australia, Everyone learns more about Chris’s sex life than they would ever want to know, Chris with the latest headlines and more.

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EJC #233: Famous Last Words, The Nearly Deads

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On this weeks episode of Eddie Jason & Chris, the guys chat with JT Tollas, singer for post-hardcore act Famous Last Words and Theresa Jeane of alt-rockers The Nearly Deads.

The fun begins with Eddie telling a story about how unreliable Chris can be (most times). He even makes plans to hang out but doesn’t show up for them. Who does that? This leads into some Chris soundboard prank call fun, including tormenting another radio show and calling a strip club.

Then, Theresa Jeane (TJ) of Nashville rockers The Nearly Deads joins the big show. The band is currently running a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund their forthcoming EP, scheduled for release in early 2017. One lucky fan can even pledge to name the upcoming EP, pretty sweet. TJ talks with the guys about everything from which TV she would bring back if she could, Kelsey Grammer falling down while giving a speech and lots more.

Next up JT Tollas of Famous Last Words calls up for a nice chat. This post-hardcore powerhouse has develop a large fan base across the US and beyond, securing a top #100 album and a #2 spot on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, in addition to racking up millions of views on YouTube. Tollas and EJC talk about juggalos, what it’s like to live in the “middle finger” of Michigan, tutoring math, new music and lots lots more.

Plus, David from Australia gets justice, Chris with the headlines and more.

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EJC #158: Fatherson, Honduras

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GUESTS: Fatherson, Honduras

Strange dating websites / We learn just a little too much about Chris…again / A listener puts together an inspirational Twitter account / Just the Tip with Jason: Google Feud / The Starbucks race conversation campaign / New EJC VIP, Mikey, writes “EJC” on his face / Fish of Gone Fishkin’ is the worst customer of all time / and more

EJC #157: The Nearly Deads, Highly Suspect

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GUESTS: The Nearly Deads, Highly Suspect

Would you buy the Apple Watch? / Steve Jobs was a real dick / Millennials don’t care about cars or driving cars / A classy conversation about number two / Our goal of having a drink with Danny Devito at SXSW / Getting pink eye is the worst / Special guest Jason helps out with the news / and more

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